Cooper Mediation, A Production Sponsor of The Emancipation of Ms. Lovely

Cooper Mediation, A Production Sponsor of The Emancipation of Ms. Lovely

Cooper Mediation is pleased to announce the much-anticipated return of The Emancipation of Ms. Lovely to Toronto. As one of the sponsors of this production, we are honoured to bring Ngozi Paul’s critically acclaimed solo play – the winner of the Spotlight Award for best performance at the 2015 Summerworks Festival – to Crow’s Theatre (345 Carlaw Avenue) from March 28 through April 8 to captivate audiences all over again.

Ms. Lovely is a woman searching for love. As she reveals personal stories about this search at different stages of her life, we witness her struggle to understand herself and her sexual identity as a Black woman as it is reflected through popular culture and all its historical baggage. While on this search – juxtaposed with scenes depicting Sarah Baartman (The Venus Hottentot), a potent symbol of the commodification of black women’s sexuality – we see Ms. Lovely gradually lose her confidence and spirit, only to discover that she can break the cycle, reject the image of herself she’s been taught to accept, and find freedom through self love. As audiences join Ms. Lovely on this hilarious and evocative journey, we travel through a musical landscape that uses sound, projection, movement, and dance to bring us from the 21st century twerk to the “faux-cul” of the 19th century as we think about how we come to be and all the binds us.

Join us at Crow’s Theatre as we celebrate Paul’s work and witness her stunning portrayal of Ms. Lovely, which Now calls “magnetic… [she] holds every moment onstage in a fierce, funny and moving performance.”

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