Cooper Mediation Presented The 10th Annual Troilus Canada Cup

Cooper Mediation Presented The 10th Annual Troilus Canada Cup

The 2019  Canada Cup Was The Biggest Professional Squash Tournament In Canada.

Cooper Mediation was the presenting sponsor of the the 10th Annual Troilus Canada Cup, which ran from Monday, March 4 through Thursday, March 7, 2019 at a variety of squash clubs in southern and central Ontario including the Cambridge Club in Downtown, Toronto. This was a star-studded tournament involving 3 of the top 10 and 6 of the top 20 professional squash players  in the world.

The mediators from Cooper Mediation were seated front-and-centre catching every move.

I have a lifetime affinity for the game of squash. My enthusiasm was not matched by my abilities.
Unfortunately, osteoarthritis in my hips and a right hip replacement in June 2015 brought my career as a squash player to an end.
However, I continue to love and support the game. – Vance Cooper, Principal of Cooper Mediation

For more information about the tournament, please contact Vance Cooper at or (647) 777-4011, Jonathan Cooper at or (647) 260-1236, or Logan Cooper at or (416) 726-1344.

We thank you for your continued support of this great event and look forward to seeing you court-side next year.


The photo of the man and woman playing is a modern day Billie Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs. The match featured Jonathan Madruga, an A player at the Cambridge Club, against Hollie Naughton (world rank #29). Hollie won.

The championship was as follows:

Final – Diego Elias (PER), Def. Paul Coll (NZL)
(11-8, 6-11, 11-8, 8-11, 11-7 (98min))

This final match was the perfect finish to cap off the 2019 Troilus Canada Cup.

All week, the proceedings were building up for this highly anticipated match between the 22 year old “Peruvian Puma” Diego Elias and Paul “Superman” Coll. This match had all of the makings of an epic finale and the players did not disappoint.

The first game started out at a ferocious pace with both players trading fast-paced hitting around the mid court. A few fortunate referee decisions and some well timed nicks from the Peruvian allowed him to edge out the first game 11-8. Having thought he deserved the first game, Coll came back with a vengeance to win the second game 11-6, maintaining a games the seesaw of action continued. Elias was testing the movement of Coll with a series of holds and deceptive shots and managed to edge out Coll 11-8.

In the fourth game the grit, determination and speed of Coll really tested the mental and physical strength of the Peruvian. Showing clear signs of cramping and heavy physical fatigue in the fourth, Elias was unable to close out the match and we were headed for a fifth and final game.

Before the fifth game kicked off, there was a lot of speculation as to if Elias would be able to maintain this pace for another game. Once the players were back on court, it was as if the Peruvian got a second wind and was back in the match. Both players maintained an incredible pace going back and fourth controlling the centre of the court. Towards the tail end of the fifth game, Elias was able to open up a small lead which he was able to hold until the end winning 11-7. Elias was elated to be back in the winner’s circle with his coaches Jonathan Power and father in the crowd.


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