You’re Invited to Vancestock Unplugged on February 9, 2023

You’re Invited to Vancestock Unplugged on February 9, 2023

Join us on February 9, 2023 for another edition of Vancestock Unplugged.

The event will be held at the Oak Room of the Cambridge Club [located on the 11th floor of the Richmond Tower in the Sheraton Centre in Downtown, Toronto].

Doors open at 5:30 PM and the show starts at 6:30 PM.

Tickets are $30 cash / e-transfer or $30 plus HST if you are using a credit card with 100% of the proceeds going to the artists.

Vancestock is an intimate listening experience which also supports musical artists, near and far.


Four superbly talented singer-songwriters and other special guests will bare their souls as they tell the story behind their music and perform their songs.

Our featured performers are:

Visit their websites to follow them on social media and listen to their music on your preferred streaming app.


There are three ways to purchase or reserve tickets which cost $30 [no tax]. Each method results in seats or a table being reserved:

*Contact the Cambridge Club at or by telephone at (416) 862-1077 [they will be happy to process credit card payments].

*E-Transfer the funds to Vance Cooper at who will pass along the funds.

*Pay cash at the door or use your credit card [if the latter, HST will be charged].

Note: 100% of ticket sales go directly to the artists and sound personnel.

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