5 Tips For Surviving A Busy Season

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5 Tips For Surviving A Busy Season

Another summer has come and gone. As we head into the fourth quarter of 2019 – the home stretch – we’d like to offer five tips for surviving another busy season.

  1. Keep Your Eye On The Prize.Remember that at the end of the road, there are office parties, time off and many celebrations to be had in December. Decide on your prize and work towards it.
  2. Work Smarter. You Already Work So Hard.Everyday, you work diligently on behalf of your clients but do you take time to reflect on what went well and where you encountered roadblocks? Tweaking your approach to negotiations, for example, could lead to more settlements. Logan Cooper covers the concept of the Zone of Possible Agreement (ZOPA), or in baseball terms, the strike zone, in Don’t Strike Out At Negotiations…A Good Pitch Can Set Up A Home Run!
  3. Enjoy Yourself Along The Way.We respect that your time is limited but take a moment to do something you love as often as you can. Whether it is playing the piano or tennis or catching a good movie with friends, add “personal time” into your schedule. If music, charitable giving, and/or spending time with your peers is your idea of a good time, or if you simply want a fun place to network, join us at Vancestock VIII.
  4. You Don’t Have To Do This Alone.If you need assistance preparing for meaningful and productive mediation sessions, we are here to help. Vance Cooper highlights three points in the life of a case where case management can be very helpful in Case Managed Mediation: A Complimentary Service To Get Your Case Ready For Mediation.
  5. There’s Still Time.We are there when you need us. See our available dates.

We’re here to help all sides put their best foot forward so everyone can walk away satisfied that a mutually agreeable settlement was reached if at all possible.


Vance Cooper, Toronto Mediator and ArbitratorVance Cooper is principal of Cooper Mediation Inc. Vance devotes 100% of his professional time to mediating and arbitrating primarily personal injury and insurance cases. He serves as an arbitrator in loss transfer and priority disputes under the Insurance Act.

Vance can be reached at vance@coopermediation.ca or (647) 777-4011.

To schedule a mediation with Vance, visit: http://coopermediation.ca/vances-online-calendar/.

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