A Mediator For All Seasons (And Budgets)

A Mediator For All Seasons (And Budgets)

Our story begins with Vance Cooper transitioning out of his legal practice to focus on mediation. Building a strong reputation for his tact and ability to handle complex matters, he became a much sought-after mediator. Serving as a trusted mentor to Jon Cooper and Logan Cooper, who joined CMI in 2014 and 2017, respectively, our practice has grown to have a mediator for all types of matters and every budget.

Mediators & Expertise

          Mediator Expertise Level Matters Full / Half Day Fees (1,2)  Add. Party / Time Fees Travel Time (Per Hour) (3,4)
Vance Cooper Experienced mediator Vance handles the toughest cases, and any arbitrations. $5,900 /
$600 $300
Jonathan Cooper Experienced mediator Jon handles complex multi-party disputes. $1,600 / $900 $250 $125
Logan Cooper Junior
Logan can handle cases at roster rates. $1,200 / $600 $150 $75

1. All fees quoted above are subject to HST
2. Cost of facilities, catering and parking will be an additional charge
3. Travel expenses outside of the GTA (flights, car rentals, mileage, etc.) will be charged without any markup or increase
4. Travel time is not charged for mediations within the GTA, including Network West, North and Downtown, PCR North York and all other facilities within the GTA

Cancellation Fees(5)

We know that plans can sometimes change. Please note our updated cancellation policy.



At Least 30 Days’ Notice More Than 7 Days’ Notice But Less Than 30 Days’ Notice(6) Notice of 7 Days of Less(7) Fee If Mediation Date Can Be Filled With Another Matter
Vance Cooper $0 $4,500 /
$5,900 /
Jonathan Cooper $0 $1,200 /
$1,600 / $900 $0
Logan Cooper $0 $900 /
$1,200 / $600 $0

5. Cancellation of a mediation may attract facility fees to the extent they cannot be cancelled without charge.
6. Full / Half Day Fees
7. Full / Half Day Fees


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