Jonathan T. Cooper Featured In WP Magazine February 2022 Issue

Jonathan T. Cooper Featured In WP Magazine February 2022 Issue

CMI mediator Jonathan T. Cooper’s article, Mediation For Claims Professionals, was featured in WP Magazine’s February 2022 issue. Jon provides tips and insights to help insurance professionals make the most out of the mediation process. He delves into recurring and challenging issues that insurance professionals involved in mediations often encounter.

Some of the topics explored in this article:

*Making A Serious Attempt At Resolution: Is the risk of losing in court and having to pay higher damages, fees, costs, and disbursements worth it? What is your risk-benefit calculation?

*Trial Wait Times: Does this case need to continue for two to three years or more, or can you settle it now and get one more item off your to-do list?

*Forging Strong Relationships and Processes: How can you build authentic relationships with clear communications and processes?

*Saving The Date And Choosing A Mediator: What trick will earn you goodwill with opposing counsel while also satisfying your needs? An Incentive For All Sides: What may provide an incentive for each side to arrive at the mediation with all the information needed to make informed decisions?

*Strategy and Planning: What can you do to ensure you have all the information and decision making abilities to settle the case at mediation?

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Jonathan T. Cooper is the taller, younger and non-bow-tied mediator with Cooper Mediation Inc. He mediates primarily, but not exclusively, in the area of personal injury and insurance. Jon was recently inducted to the Canadian Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (CADN) and was inducted to the International Academy of Mediators (IAM) as a Distinguished Fellow in 2019. Both the CADN and the IAM are invitation-only organizations consisting of the most successful commercial mediators in the world who must adhere to the highest practice and ethical qualifications. Jon can be reached at or at (647) 993-2667. To schedule a mediation with Jon, visit:


CMI is a highly respected and sought-after Toronto-based firm offering mediation and arbitration services to Ontario clients. CMI was founded by Vance Cooper after he transitioned out of his legal practice, which began in 1985, to focus on mediation. Building a strong reputation for his tact and ability to handle complex matters, he became an in-demand mediator. Serving as a trusted mentor to Jonathan Cooper and Logan Cooper, who joined CMI in 2014 and 2017, respectively, CMI has grown to have a mediator for all types of matters and for every budget. For more information visit:


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