Registration For Vancestock XII Is Now Open. Join Us! (September 29th at TD Music Hall)

Registration For Vancestock XII Is Now Open. Join Us! (September 29th at TD Music Hall)

We’re excited to let you know that registration for Vancestock XII is now open.

Vancestock XII is a special musical event and annual fundraiser for Trails Youth Initiatives. We ask that you take a moment to add Friday, September 29, 2023 to your calendars and save the date for this special charity fundraiser and musical event. Doors open at 6:00 PM and the show runs from 7:00 PM until about 10 PM.

This year, we’re heading back downtown with the event taking place at the TD Music Hall in the Allied Music Centre which is part of the newly renovated Massey Hall.

TD Music Hall is a wonderful new state-of-the-art live music venue located at 178 Victoria Street Toronto, ON M5B 1T7 (at Victoria and Shuter).


Please save the date, Friday, September 29, 2023 from 6:00 PM until approximately 10 PM, for this wonderful charity fundraising concert. 


Ready to get tickets to Vancestock XII? Please donate generously and secure your tickets.


Vancestock XII is a day of music and charity fundraising, featuring performances by:

***Doc Robinson – a rock and roll band from Columbus Ohio. The band categorizes their music as “backyard bbq breakup music” wherein songs sound happy and upbeat on the surface but the lyrics are kind of a sad breakup song. 

***Pudding – Toronto-based musicians that love blending New Orleans Funk, Chicago Blues, Motown, Rock and Jazz into a mixture that fills the soul. They are passionate about live performances that are full of improvisation, spontaneity, and deep rhythms. Each show is a new experience!

***Sisters & Brothers – Logan, Jon and Harrison Cooper and Jess and Jacob Charendoff – back for their 11th consecutive year!


Trails Youth Initiatives is an organization that supports some of Toronto’s most vulnerable youth. Founded in 1992, Trails has over 500 graduates – all due to private funding such as donations and events like Vancestock. Trails fosters community, emotional intelligence, and self-knowledge through outdoor experiential education. Trails focuses on growing skills such as conflict resolution, leadership, critical thinking and reflection. With their focus on transference, participants build a positive engagement with Trails, the outdoors and their authentic selves. Through equal parts challenge and opportunity, Trails doesn’t aim to just make a difference, they change lives.


Vancestock founder Vance Cooper, a principal at Cooper Mediation Inc., has had a life-long affection for summer camps and a firm belief that they provide a place for young people to learn, grow and flourish. In discovering Trails Youth Initiatives, he decided to create Vancestock as a way to combine this passion and belief with his love of live music, locally and beyond, and his desire to support Toronto’s diverse community.

Vancestock is a night of music and an annual charity fundraiser for Trails Youth Initiatives. Over 11 years, Vancestock has raised over $360,000 allowing for dozens of at risk inner city youth to enter the “Four Seasons, Four Years, For Life” programme – a unique, outdoor, adventure-based programme that supports youth through experiential learning, skill development, high school credits, bursaries and mentorship.


Cooper Mediation Inc. (CMI) is a highly respected and sought-after Toronto-based firm offering mediation and arbitration services to Ontario clients. CMI was founded by Vance Cooper after he transitioned out of his legal practice to focus on mediation. Building a strong reputation for his tact and ability to handle complex matters for almost 40 years, he has been an in-demand mediator for almost 20 years. Serving as a trusted mentor to Jonathan Cooper and Logan Cooper, who joined CMI in 2014 and 2017, respectively, CMI has grown to have a mediator for all types of matters and for every budget. For more information visit:

Cooper Mediation