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Vance Cooper is the principal of Cooper Mediation Inc. Vance was called to the Bar in 1985 and practiced exclusively in the areas of personal injury and insurance disputes until 2010. He represented both plaintiffs and defendants [insured and self-insured entities] and handled both tort and first party claims [statutory accident benefits, long term disability and life claims].

Vance devotes 100% of his professional time to mediating everything and anything connected to insurance [though he has also mediated commercial and self-insured matters]. This includes personal injury, property damage and subrogation, professional negligence, hospital and medical negligence, class actions among other things. He serves as an arbitrator in loss transfer and party disputes under the Insurance Act. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators, a Chartered Mediator of the ADR Institute of Canada and a Certified Mediator by the International Mediation Institute. Vance is a member of the Advocates’ Society, Ontario Bar Association, Canadian Bar Association. He has been inducted to the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (CADN). He served as a Deputy Judge of the Toronto Small Claims Court for 10 years. He has been included in Best Lawyers in Canada in the practice area of Insurance Law.

Vance’s passions, over and above his wife and three children, are skiing, golf and a keen appreciation of music. While he has tried to play instruments [to the frustration of his parents and many music teachers over the years], he has mastered the record player, the CD player and, more recently, the iPod.

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“Vance, thanks so much for bringing this one home. I had pressed my client to agree to two full days of mediation with a top flight mediator in advance of discoveries because I thought we had a good chance of avoiding a lot of legal expense if we could resolve things before days of discoveries and massive disbursement expenses had been incurred. I was thinking at the end of our two days that it had been a bad call on my part and that I should have just ground the file out in the normal way. You have vindicated my confidence in the mediation process. It’s on these more complex multi party cases that a good mediator can make all the difference. Any roster mediator can handle a two-party stiff neck case. You proved your worth on this one.” – Senior Lawyer

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