Logan Cooper Inducted As A Distinguished Fellow Of The International Academy of Mediators

Logan Cooper Inducted As A Distinguished Fellow Of The International Academy of Mediators

Cooper Mediation Inc. is pleased to announce that Toronto mediator Logan Cooper has been inducted as a Distinguished Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators (IAM) at the 2023 IAM Spring Conference held from June 1-3 in Zürich, Switzerland.  

The IAM is an organization consisting of the most successful commercial mediators in the world with membership from 35 countries. Membership is by invitation only and is a recognition by a candidate’s peers that he or she has attained status as a preeminent commercial mediator and professional in the field of alternative dispute resolution.

Over the past six years of practice, Logan has devoted 100% of her professional time to mediating at roster-rates. She primarily mediates cases in the areas of personal injury, property damage, long-term disability, and other insurance-related disputes. She has handled global mediations, cases with multiple parties, self-represented litigants and cases with complicated technical and interpersonal challenges.

The IAM welcomed Logan and seven other inductees into the IAM family. We are extremely proud of Logan’s achievement and commend her commitment to personal and professional development. 

Vance Cooper, a Distinguished Fellow of IAM was also in attendance. CMI Mediator Jon Cooper was inducted as a Fellow to the IAM in 2019.

You can reach Logan directly by email at logan@coopermediation.ca or by phone at (416) 726-1344. Alternatively please visit her online profile found here: https://coopermediation.ca/logan-cooper/




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The IAM is an international organization that aims to define standards and qualifications for professional mediators of commercial disputes and to promote mediation as the preferred means of resolving disputes. The IAM is highly respected for its education programs, which include internationally acclaimed speakers and cutting-edge mediation techniques. For more information visit: https://iamed.org/.


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